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For Office

For those with busy work lives who want the full meal feel!

Lots of workplaces don't give you much time to prepare a lunch. A half hour slot almost guarantees you'll have to either make your lunch at home the night before or run to the fast food chain accross the street. If you don't want to do either of these things, this subscription package can keep you satisfied without the need to ever go shopping! Consisting of food options that need no preparation outside of some hot water, this package will keep you full and on schedule.

  • Tailored to your schedule and needs with various delivery schedules and allergy avoidances
  • Constant variety assured through our options of either random sets, popular items or new arrivals
  • No need to remember to order again when your stock gets low; automatic shipping assures delivery at set intervals that are right for you
  • All you need to enjoy is hot water!

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For Home

For those who want instant convenience with the ability to personalize!

Sometimes at home you get hungry but just can't bring yourself to cook for 40 minutes to make the meal. Or maybe you're out of the main ingredient and forgot to get it at the supermarket. This plan is a perfect fallback for both of those scenarios! Our home plan provides you the same instant convenience you love, but with some items that allow you to personalize to your own tastes. While we still provide the same cup and bowl noodle varieties, we also include a package of plain noodles so you can experiment with your own Ramen recipes!

  • Great for emergency situations when time for dinner is limited
  • Excellent choice for homeowners with busy schedules who still want their personal favorite flavor in a meal
  • Great options for delivery schedule assure that you get more delivered to your door when it's convenient for you
  • Options of food selections tailored to your lifestyle and taste!

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1 When you sign up for a Ramen Planet Subscription, you get the convenience of instant meals delivered regularly to your door without the need to do any kind of shopping. Once you pick a plan, you just get to sit back and enjoy the meals that we deliver based on the information you give us.
2 You can choose the delivery schedule that best fits your lifestyle, as well as the variety of items you'll be receiving. The popular set will be a random cycle of our top items, while the latest set will be our newest arrivals delivered regularly. You could also be adventurous and choose the random set, which will be chosen by our team!
3 Finally, we guarantee that your set will be put together with whatever allergy avoidance you select. If you can't eat pork, or maybe you simply don't like the taste, you can check the box and receive no items with that ingredient. Once you make your selections and subscribe, you don't need to do anything else to have delicious instant food delivered straight to you!