About Ramen Planet

We know what you're thinking: "It's just Ramen, that plain stuff you get from the supermarket for 40 cents a pack." That's exactly why we're here: to change your perception of the word "Ramen" and expose you to all the delicious and unique varieties that exist outside of big box store value packs. With flavors that come directly from Japan and South Korea, our stock will be guaranteed to change your opinion of the food from "bland college student meal" to "quick, easy and delicious."

About Ramen Planet


We all have busy lives. Sometimes, we do not even have time to eat, but as Napoleon said, "An army marches on its stomach;" If you are hungry, it is hard to perform to your highest potential. At the same time, it halts your progress when you have to stop to eat. That's why you might want to have quick bites, and needless to say you want to have tasty food even though you don't have time to prepare it! This is where Ramen planet comes in: as your happy belly consultant, we will choose the best quick bites that will fulfill your belly’s happiness for you.

All food can be Cooked within 10 min.

Our greatest selection features Instant Ramen, Instant Miso-soup, Instant Rice, Snacks and other easy-access food from Japan and South Korea. All of our products can be cooked within 10 minutes*. If you have a microwave and hot water, you are good to go!
*If it is cooked with its original instruction.

Your Consultant Team

Ramen Planet team consists of experts from Asian countries that lead the market in instant food. Since our team grew up where this food originated, they know what varieties are best. Whether you know about Asian instant food or not, you do not need to worry while shopping at Ramen Planet. We work passionately to exceed your expectations every time.

Our Harvest

Ramen Planet seeks every single one of our customers’ satisfaction and happiness. Also, we would like to spread the beauty of this “Quick, Easy and Delicious” food culture to those all over the world.
Ramen Planet is a subdivision of Basanova Corp., an industry leader since 2009, and is a part its “Planet Project.”